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    Hello all,

    I got psp 1004, With version 5.51

    I've seen on this forum you need a Pandorra Battery and a Magic memory stick,
    somewhere on this forum you can see how you can make a Magic memory stick, i was told, but i cant seem to find it :S i am bit confused on this site

    Does anybody knows of I MUST buy a Pandorra Battery or I can do it without a Pandorra Battery, cause there highly overprised and i ahve heard something about that you can do it for free, force to pandora maybe?

    a big hug to the guys who help me
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    You can hardmod a battery but I would not suggest it goto and buy one there 6 buck and if that's overpriced your just cheep lol then use rains magic memory stick maker both guides can be found in the beginners section
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    #1 could not find anything :S

    #2 why shouldent i hardmod? ty for the dealextreme link can i make a magic stick without pandora?
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    you can hardmod your phat's battery if u want. while the instructions to hardmod pb is straightforward - if things do go wrong in making a pb, it will be $50 or so to purchase a genuine sony psp battery.

    on the other hand, if - as previous post stated - you fork out $7 (up to about $15 max for other versions) pb from dx, its convenient and cheap option to hardmod.

    what's the point of making a mms without a pb?
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