Thread: How to hack PSP 3010 (5.55 or 6.20)

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    I have two psp's and a thousand of UMD discs. A few mounths ago I've posted here questioning if there was any technique for hack this psps for running CF.

    Now I have two PSPs. Both PSP 3010 one with 5.55 and the other with 6.20 firmware version.

    I was reading about hacking psp and I found a new material and it seems that a new tool TNHen that can help do it, is that true? and if it's true and if you have any links I would like to visit 'em.

    Did you know anything about it?
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    Its not released currently.
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    you were told so many times that there are presently no CFW for Brites with its OFW above/newer than 5.03.

    TNHen is a work in progress. its developer reckons it might be released for xmas. if and when there is a cfw or homebrew enabler (i.e. Hen), no doubt we will all hear about it.

    it seems you had a slim with cfw, but you rushed to purchase some brites - though you are interested in running cfw...

    in your 'frantic' search to hack your brite, you did encounter HBL (half-byte loader)? that HBL is about the only thing you can go with your brites...
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    thx u all guy... so I'll wait more! ;D
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    Now that it's out the HEN (TM) what guide you should indicate to me in each case?
    (PSP 3010 5.55 and 6.20)
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