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  1. #1 Psp Firmware 2.0!! 
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    please guys im trying to get alllll the information about this....if any one has any information about where to get it, wahts on this new update(trust me i no all wahts on it, but just for people who dont no) and ANY other information you can find!!!!

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  2. #2 Easy Emu Nstaller v0.1.2 
    johnny english
    Easy Emulator installer v0.1.2 will install the most popular emulators for the PSP with RavenLife's Window installer.

    Featured emulators:
    -Homer's RIN v3.3 (Gameboy / Gameboy Color)
    -ScummVM v0.9.0 (modified - save games location changed)
    -DGen v1.60b (Sega MegaDrive / Genesis)
    -Snes9x_TYL v0.4.2 (Super Nintendo)
    -NEOCDPSP v0.9.1 (NeoGeo)
    -PSPVBA v1.2.4
    -MAME4ALL v0.0.3
    -PSPMaster NesterJ v1.20 (Nintendo - NES)

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  3. #3 It really works but has some probs. in the visual boy advance emulator 
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    It really works, it can play well but has a slight problem. Blured sounds that are not clear and the game play screen either becomes very slow or very fast and has cuts in the screen which divides the screen making it dizzy to play. Can some one help me plz ? I need a in game config of the set up so i can play with full sound and moderate speed same as like playing an actual GBA thx. i know that it works but the config has some problems taht i don't know like the turbo, screen shots, etc when setting it up on your psp. hope to get an advice or a suggestion on what to put on the config thx a lottrqeweddwe
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    Use This Emulator instead.

    It is GPsp 0.9, it runs most games at full speed, much faster than PSPVBA (Which the author, zx-81, stopped working on when GPsp was released).
    You really shouldn't expect perfection in an emulated game, especially when your emulating a modern system.

    Its normally not a matter of a config file, but that the emulator is not full speed. The author may update it at some time, they may not.

    EDIT: Theres a tip on how to find the correct bios file in the installation instructions on the download page.
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    johnny english
    You need gba_bios.bin for the GBA emulator to work correctly at a good frame-rate. I can't share that file because it's illegal, so find a way to obtain it. *google*
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    I cannot play the mame... I don't know why, but my PSP always get crash when I run this program...
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    Did you find a GBA bios file and put it in the directory without the %?

    From the GPsp readme file:

    "gpSP currently requires an authentic GBA BIOS image file to run. It will
    make no effort to run without one present; this file is 16kb and should
    be called gba_bios.bin and present in the same location as the EBOOT.PBP
    file. Please do not ask me where to obtain this, you'll have to look
    online or grab it from a GBA. Note that it is not legal to have this file
    unless you own a GBA, and even then it's rather gray area."

    You can try finding it by googling for 'gba bios emuparadise'. From there you should be able to find it.
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