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    This is a nice app I came across, and wanted to share with your guys.

    It's for the people who want to boot different CFWs on the same PSP.

    Here is the Developer's Note (with the instructions on how to use the plugin):-

    Quote Originally Posted by Developer's Note
    LCFW can start on your PSP and select the CFW 6.39 PRO / ME
    “SelectBoot for 639 v1.5″ I tried to make.

    6.39 LME start when you start press start on the PSP CFW 6.39 PRO.
    Start the 6.39 PRO If you start pressing SELECT on your PSP’s CFW 6.39 ME.
    6.39 TN Xtended start when you start pressing the L trigger.
    Half Byte Loader start when you start pressing the △ button.

    That is a plug-in can start multiple selections include LCFW.

    This must be installed before LCFW 6.39 PRO or ME.

    In addition, slightly slower start if you enable this plugin.


    v1.5 2011/06/29
    - Can now be freely set the start button
    Please edit the ini files.

    “SelectBoot for 639 v1.5″
    Vault files over without Download

    After downloading 1.SelectBoot for 639 v1.5, unzip it.

    2. After thawing, ms0 came to selectboot.prx selectboot.ini (ef0): placed in the / seplugins /.

    3.ms0 (ef0): Added the following to / seplugins / vsh.txt.

    If the PSP
    ms0: / seplugins / selectboot.prx 1

    If the PSP Go
    ef0: / seplugins / selectboot.prx 1

    4.ms0 (ef0): I want to start in place such LCFW / seplugins /.

    Placement and rename it to the FastRecovery if PRO.PBP 6.39 PRO.
    Rename and place a 639 launcher if ME.PBP 6.39 ME.
    Placement and rename it to the body if XE.PBP 6.39 TN Xtended.
    If the hbl folder ms0 h.bin Half Byte Loader (ef0) located in the root.
    Placement and rename it to the launcher’s HB.PBP HalfByteLoader.

    5. If you are able LCFW start button etc. to start.

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    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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    is there a video or a more detailed or at least a more easily understandable guide to install this and run it
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