Thread: Trying to update PSP 1001 to 6.60--help me?

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  1. #1 Trying to update PSP 1001 to 6.60--help me? 
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    Hey folks,
    So just the other day I bought an old (barely used) PSP 1001 for pretty cheap from someone in my area. It's current software is version 3.73 and I'm trying to update it to 6.60. At first even the eboot file couldn't even fit on the memory stick it came with (32 MB) but I just replaced it with a 32 GB stick with plenty of room. However, once I copied the file onto the stick and tried to run the update (through the file branch "memory stick > PSP > GAME > UPDATE"), it gave me the error "game could not be launched", code 80020148. I've been browsing this site as well as Google for the last hour or so looking for ways to get 6.60 onto my device, but I'm really new to the PSP software and have very little idea of what I'm doing.
    I found this download link by El Guapo (the OE to m33 Updater) and tried following its instructions, but since my software is already higher than 3.71, it tells me there's no need to update when I try. The download might be what I need still, but if it is, I'll need a much more detailed and thorough walk-through than what the page provides, eheheh.
    Thank you in advance for your patience, please help me!
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    The 3.73 your on now in official Sony firmware.....correct?
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