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    Hey Guys,

    So some time ago I added an extra add-on called analog block to disabled my joystick since while playing Lunar it appeared that joysens for some reason wasn't working, while it worked for all my other games. To my dissapointment, I saw that the add-on did not work, so I removed it since it served no real purpose. However, now that I have removed it. It appears all my PSOne iso are not recognizing my movement input or button clicks. Games start up fine and I can navigate the menu provided by the emulator to change disc, modify controls and memory card, just the games themselves will not work. Even though the PSP games still work just fine! Any info on getting it so I can once again play my PSOne games would be greatly appreciated! Also, please ask if there is any other information you need. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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    This analog block thing, was it a plugin?
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