Thread: Will an uncompressed PS1 Eboot run better than a copmpressed one?

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  1. #1 Will an uncompressed PS1 Eboot run better than a copmpressed one? 
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    I've recently started to slowly turn my Physical PS1 collection into Eboots so I can play pretty much every PS1 game I own on the go. I enjoy using the big screen but it's way more convenient to play wherever I want in the house, or out and about.

    There's an option for compression, numbered 0-9, while making an Eboot with 9 being the highest compression level. Obviously I can see the benefits of compression for saving space on my Memory stick, but that's not really an issue for me. Will compressing the game make the game run differently or worse than an fully uncompressed Eboot?

    Like I said, space isn't an issue for me so I'm focusing straight on performance. If completely uncompressed Eboots work better, I'll go with that. If there's no difference in game performance outside of file size, I'll stick with fully compressed.

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    maybe just slightly faster load times. the different wont be as noticeable as a compressed psp iso.

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