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    just a heads up for the pspmod community. all the stickied guides and how to threads have been moved to the new Guides section, so check your signature links to make sure they still point to the appropriate sections and edit them accordingly. for now a majority of the guides ended up in the MISC section till we expand the section with added category's. as always, keep up the good work and continue posting new how to's, guides, and faq articles to our new section. aslo, anyone posting a new guide please use a title such as "How To: xxxxxx" or "Guide: xxxxx". please be specific when filling in the heading so users can find what theyre looking for easier. thanks

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    ::GUIDE::How to convert Old thems to 3.71 m33-3


    My PSP journey:
    1.5->3.03oec->1.5->3.03oec->1.5->3.03oec->3.40oea->3.52 m33->3.40oea->bricked->1.5->3.40oea->1.5->3.52 m33-4->1.5->3.52 m33-4->1.5->3.71 m33-2-> bricked->3.71m33-2->bricked->3.71 m33-3->3.80 m33-5->3.71m33-4->3.90 m33-2->3.71m33-4-> 3.90 mm-2->3.71m33-4->3.90m33-2->3.90m33-3

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    hey guys i'm really stuck in a big big my psp slim 2 weeks was already modified running cfw 3.71m33....i had iso files running on it.....however i sum how having no idea abt this stuff used the network update option and got ofw 3.9...i now cant run any iso games......frustrated...urghhhh!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!! !!wut sud i do?

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    use the pandora battery again and install cfw again.
    Quote Originally Posted by julie View Post
    i can only imagine you making halo references during sex lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by aokuruwa View Post
    julie's back
    yay !!!!!!!

    My psp for sale good deal

    psp thingy >> 3.71>1.5>3.40oea>3.52 m33-4>3.80m33-5

    PSP workings for other people;

    CFW installed: 9
    PSP case's modded: 4
    PSPs bricked: 0

    THANK YOU SO MUCH pokey8349

    GOT A problem with you ISO/CSO not worrking PM me and i will help you. Pokey help me with this problem so all credit goes to him.

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    this thread is way too old to bump. i understand your having a hard time with your psp. but this isnt the right place to get help
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    I Need Help With Everything?!?!?!?!

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    Look to the guides section, or make a new thread. Don't bump old ass threads...
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