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    Lets get strait to it. The winner for the PSP Fat is Killer3737, Please PM me your contact name and where you want me to post the PSP to.

    User_X wins the PSP Slim with this entry send me a PM with your contact details + address

    Thanks to everyone who entered.
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    CONGRATS! have fun
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    congratz user you earned it man!
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    nice. congratz.

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    Wow, that was quite a shock, thanks! PM sent.
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    Congrats to killer and user_x the contest was fun I liked being a part of somthing im good at and enjoy doing. but what happend to the 4gb memory stick that was in the prize list (just wondering thats all). cant wait till the next comp. XD
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    Congrats to both winners.
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    Honestly, I was rooting for PvP_LostKnight, since his mods were good but he's short on money, and the only thing good with User_X's mod was the antenna hack xD

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    Congratz. I also liked User's awesome extra analog stick.
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    congrats user,i had faith in you <3

    As for you killer,good job for the you beat me i will never know =P

    there will be more competitions however,and i will still keep helping people as always
    im just glad there was less spam and more people helping this competition round.
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    good job killer hopefully helping me got your post count up lol

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    cccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll lll.I am jealous because the forum in my country namely pakgamers doesnt do these types of competition at all.By the way congrats for the psp.
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    lol congratz i didn't know there was a competition
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    Thanks all and 2X to frost for talking me into entering lol. and like any true geek/modder i already started planing what i will do to the PSP i won.
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