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  1. #1 What you can expect from Forums 
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    As you all can see, there are many changes taking place on the Forums.We are the official forums for PSP Mod's and PSP Hack's and dedicated to serving the PSP gaming community. As a result, several changes have been taken place over the last few days.

    In addition, is planning in having giveaways every month either for PSP Games or PSP Gear.

    I hope you will enjoy the NEW forums changes that you will be seeing over the next few weeks. This is just the beginning!


  2. #2 Nice 
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    Yeah, I like how you can get in now by just typing in and not the /forums thing. I'ts officially OPEN!
    There's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

  3. #3 What computer do you have? 
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    My computer is a bit of over kill

    2.2 Dual Core 64 AMD Processor
    1 Gig DDR2 Memory
    512 Nvidia Graphics Card
    300Gig Sata 2 Hard Drive

    Hopefully I wont need to upgrade for a few years??

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    I have a

    Pentium 4 2.4gig
    512mb ram
    80 gig sata
    256 Nvidia

    Will last me for 2 years or so I think

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    I have a dell dimension 8400:

    160 HDD
    3Ghz CPU
    2 GB ram
    256 MG video card

    i might installed windows vista rc1 soon....

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    ACER Aspire 2800+ (AMD Sempron)
    512mb Corsair DDR2 Ram (400mhz)
    40gb internal + 250gb Ext hard disks
    Zalman Silent 460w PSU
    Ext-Toshiba CD/DVD writer
    Ext- Creative 24bit soundblaster
    Win TV Digital TV Tuner

    Only really used for internet and stuff so good enough for me.

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    i have a really bad computer
    20 gb hdd
    128 ram
    16 mb grphics card
    i going to get a new computer when vista comes out

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    My computer does what it needs to and more its

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+
    512 MB Ram
    80 GB HDD
    128 MB GeForce 6200

    and well about 2 years old and so far behind already, technology advances so quickly.

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    I have an Apple PowerBook 17"

    1.67GHz G4 Processor
    1GB RAM
    100GB Hard Drive

    It's very light which is brilliant. Only problem is, it only has 2 USB ports!

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    alienware area 51 pc:

    Intel Pentium D dual core (2 processeres basically)
    a single processor is 3.20GHz, so does that mean my pc runs at 6.40GHz?

    2gb RAM
    Dual Nividia GeForce 7800 GT graphics cards in SLI
    160gb HDD

    Im all geared up for games like crysis lol.

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    a desktop running at 2.8ghz
    512 ram
    2x 120g hdd
    128 geforce
    all custom home built

    and a dell latitude laptop
    PSP+Midnight Club 3= happiness

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    Athlon xp x2 3800+
    2gb DDR running in dual channel mode
    Geforce 7900GT
    400gb and 200gb hdd
    Some lian-li case with a shitload of airflow.

    darksora: It means windows sees 2 cpus, however most applications arent muti-threaded (SMP) and gain little advantage from dual core. Crysis is supposed to be SMP optimised, quake4 has a dual core option, most other games/apps at the moment just dont use it.

    Do somthing cpu instensive like encoding a psp video and look at the cpu usage in task manager, sits around 50%. Helps multitasking a bit though.

    Either way you have a nice system there

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    Doesn't anyone use a notebook or a Mac?!

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    cool, thanks for the info
    loving your pc specs though Kills mine easily.

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    HP Athlon 4200+ Dual Core here
    1GB Memory with 256MB shared video currently
    250GB drive

    I just got it 2 weeks ago. I usually build my own but for the money this PC was a better deal

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