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    FYI : I have made a few small changes that will hopefully stop members posting about piracy. On the forum view page where you can click on the new thread button I have added a message saying "I Will Not Post About Piracy / How To Play/Download ISOs" and also on the next page where you create the thread I have also put the above message.

    Also, when a user registers here they get a welcome e-mail, I have also changed the welcome e-mail to read as follows (Changes bolded)

    Dear $username,
    Thanks for registering at $vboptions[bbtitle]! We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

    A Few Rules
    -Dont Post About Piracy
    -Dont Post about how you can play ISOs on your PSP
    -Dont Post where to get PSP ISOs

    Do you need help installing custom firmware??

    Take a look at our guides section

    All the best,
    PSPMOD Community

    Hopefully these changes will help us
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    Awesome, but people have this problem with not reading and using their brain but there is not much other than doing this and banning people who can't obey rules and regulations. Good job.
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    That, and wouldn't that want to make them do it more?
    Well some would do it to be an idiot troll. But I guess there have to be some people that can read out there in the internetz...
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    Thanks for the change admin, I wanted to ask you about pointing new users to the guides section right off the bat.
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    I think we should be allowed to at least explain how to get the ISOs running, no?

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    I'm cowboycalstar and I approve this thread.

    and the idea of putting it right in their faces so they have no excuse for BAWWWing after they get a <del>hammer</del> boot to the head
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    wow, hopefully this will work, probably not thought

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    Pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KhAoSxChAoS View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Product F(RED) View Post
    I think we should be allowed to at least explain how to get the ISOs running, no?

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