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    Well, I have had a productive day today!
    As a frequent user you will probably notice many changes here at PSPMOD, we have merged & purged multiple forums to make it easier for new comers to navigate the site and to also stick on topic surrounding the PSP range.

    Here is an overview of whats has been done:

    -Split PSP / Vita Gaming News to PSP / Vita Sections
    -Merged Other Gaming News to Other Gaming Platform Discussion & Purged Sections.

    PSP Section:
    -Merged PSP Scams to PSP Discussion & Purged Section
    -Merged PSP Networking to PSP Discussion & Purged Section
    -Merged ALL PSP Guides & Tutorial Sections into the main PSP Guides & Tutorials Sections & Purged Sub-Forums

    PS3 Section:
    This section has not been modified & will stay as its related to the PSP range.

    Other Gaming Platforms:
    -Merged ALL Other Gaming Platforms into Other Gaming Discussion & Purged Sections
    -I accidentally purched the Wii section before merging its content (Ooops!)

    Community Forums:
    -Renamed General Discussion to: Off-Topic Discussion
    -Merged Debate & Entertainment into Off-Topic Discussion & Purged Sections
    -Merged Digital Art & Digital Art Competitions & Purged Section

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    Awesome, thanks! Now staff can concentrate on cleaning up and updating the guides and stickies. This was the REAL goal to begin with, now it's much cleaner to look at and easier to organize.
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    Can I upload directly to the download section?

    EDIT: Just tried and still cant do it
    Last edited by El Guapo; 11-22-2011 at 05:56 PM.
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    El, Just moved the downloads folder outside of the public_html folder to secure it and have now updated the file path's and tested and upload so its all working again now.
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    oh thanx for the update
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