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    Today I have migrated the site to a larger server with a couple of other sites.
    touch wood you would have not noticed the switch and the site should be running as before, or better

    next week I plan on upgrading the forum sections, cleaning up the themes and finally enabling forumrunner and other mobile applications.

    Im also open to any suggestions anyone may have on improving the forums!

    also side note: next week I hope to give away another Sony PS Vita on the forums to the contest winner (content to be announced next week) thats been sitting here for awhile!
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    Hello Webby, long time no see. How you been?
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    Not bad mate, been swamped with work so not had much time to focus on the site but as from next week my work load should be less so I can focus on getting the content flowing here again.
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    hi webtek, welcome back!
    another contest yeepeee!!!
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    it'd be cool to have a rep system, or group system, and maybe colored topic titles.
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