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    *If this thread doesn't belong here please move or delete it*

    I just wanted to put in my 2 cents about this site:


    - Great guides (stickies)- i was one of the noobs that decided to logon and have the answer to all my questions smack me in the face. So of course i skipped reading the guides and I just asked the members here. Those threads i started asking for help of course didn't get much positive feedback. The stickied guides are great. I give props to julie and co. for taking the time to write them. After reading them, i frown upon myself for starting the threads.

    -Activeness- There seems to be a consistent number of members searching and posting in the forums. Great for PSP noobs like myself, but as a veteran vB poster (again like myself) it's really attractive to see activity.

    -Forums & GFX- The site is well organized. and its really easy on the eyes, espicially late at night. It has a great flow when going from forum to forum. It seems to work well enough when browsing on my PSP. (who does that anyways).


    -Members- The members here seem to not have much patience with the noobs like me. sarcasm and flaming come to mind. But that SHOULD be expected on a site with such decriptive guides for everything. A noob member asking how to downgrade there PSP's (yes that broad of a question) is like someone asking how to score a TD in football on a sports forum. So most of the patience here has run dry. And that can be excused. But some of the personal attacks can be cut back.

    Overall very impressed with this forum. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Great review and your welcome. Pluss I like your sig alot.
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    wow, great review
    PSP is back!!!

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