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    I'm new to this site and just got my psp. I have a problem and I hope someone can help. I am not able to download the psp software onto my computer. My computer says that it does not recognize the device and does not find any information on it. I checked all the wires and upgraded my computer. I am runnin windows 98. Can anyone help me thanx..
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    take 25 cents, buy gasoline with it, burn your computer and then buy a new one.
    ...yes, my PSP is edible... and it tastes soooooo good!!
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    the usb-support for win98 sucks, google win98 psp usb or something.
    post in the right forum next time.
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    hello all
    im fairly new to the PSP and have managed using tutorials and search on here to download and even playback music on my PSP i am running version 2.82 ,

    i have loaded into pictures folder some .jpg photos and if connected to the PC through USB i can see them on my PC monitor from the PSP

    if i disconect and try to view them on the PSP it says there are no images

    please help what have i done wrong ??

    thanks guys and girls

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    Turn on your PSP. connect your USB cable on your PSP and PC, scroll to left and go to icon Setting, and then scroll down to icon USB mode... press to active your USB...

    go to your PC choose the picture you want to put on your PSP...
    copy the picture.. and then back to your PSP connection drive... I,J,K drive...
    go to folder picture and then paste your pic to there...

    disconnect your USB.
    go to Icon Photo
    choose memory

    you can see your pic there....
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