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    Hey Modz,
    First off, solid site... it is my first and only PSP site! Very informative...

    I have a great solution for all the newbies (like myself) that come here and constantly ask the simple questions that most experienced PSP users don't want to hear anymore. Can you create a "Newbie Land" that would just have basic guides that are self explanitory? I'm a vet of and they have a pretty extensive newbie area to prevent all the annoying newbie questions.

    I just bought my PSP today and I want to ask so many stupid questions. I've used the search function but I haven't had any luck with how to transfer stuff from my PC to the PSP. (no im not asking here) It did get a little frustrating.

    Again, great site, awesome resources for learning and getting into the PSP, just overwhelming for us newbies.

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    theres about all the information a noob should learn to get the basics going in the stickys, you just have to search around, use the search bar...which seems foreign to some people.

    I guess someone could make the ULTIMATE sticky... but it would be too long and i think its way easier to categorize the stickys within the desired information your looking for (software,hardware)

    well have a good day
    Prying open my third eye
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    Can we have some more MOD's PLEASE. I'm really fed up with dregging through thread after thread of "How do I downgrade" "How do I download iso's"

    If you need help, more Moderators I'm sure there are willing members and I'd gladlly help out.
    I think that alot of the time new comers do visit the site their put of by the lack of actual information at their fingertips, you know? They dont want to have to look at page after page of Firmware topics.

    Sorry if this is a bit of a moan, It just anoyy's me - Will soon be completed. Information on Emu, Hacks, etc. All round technology!
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    ya a whole part of the site should be a place with basic stickeys that everyone needs and wantes 2 no about

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