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    Hey folks, I might have missed the IRC channel if pspmod has one, but if not I think we should start one, the chat room is all good but IRC is better oh and yes I am new to the pspmod community but it seems like a good place to learn about psp modding. You can join me on Unernet #pspmod (


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    We've had like twenty before, people think it's so great, but within 24 hours the "hey it's new, I'll check it out" factor wears off, and no one ever goes in it again.
    Don't believe me? Check the Off Topic section stickies for the official IRC channel.
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    You know, via Java - you can have an IRC right here on the home page as well as the chat room. The caht room is good but trying to help one person while 5 more are screaming for help makes it a bit confusing and counter productive.

    I'll check out the official IRC thread...

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