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    Someone should keep the calendar updated. The releases for this month are off by a week or two.
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    Hi there all!
    I'm new to this forum but not to the PSP. I've been very happily using DH0.44 on my PSP for some time now and recently moved up the increments to 0.46, 0.50, 0.51 and now the recent 0.51.01 all opf which have worked without issues.

    My question is this; I have two other PSP's in my house for my two sons and have had them both on 0.44 without any issues but since moving up the increments, my own PSP and one of my son's works fine on the latest 0.51.01 but the third does not! Even if I use my own MS in his PSP it just doesn't work. All three are on FW1.50.
    I'm not necessarily looking for an answer here as I'm sure that would be asking too much but more so ideas of what it might be.
    At the moment I am thinking its due to the downgrader I used to take him from 2.71 down to 1.50 but its the same downgrader I used on my own. Would anyone here think that some downgrading operations go "Cleanly" but others don't?
    Would anyone here think it a good exercise to move back up to 2.71 then try the downgrader once again?
    I'm very interested in your views all of you.

    Thanks for your time.

    Confused from London
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    Which downgrader did you use on each psp?

    Some say it is good practice to update to 2.0 and downgrade back to 1.5 again as some downgraders can leave you with a 'unclean' firmware 1.5 as you say. Another (easier) way to do the same thing would be to Get X-Flash and spoof your firmware to 1.0 then just 'update' back to 1.5 by just running the firmware 1.5 installer.

    To me, since its been working with all other versions of devhook and you havnt reported any general bugs on that psp (crashes, strange behaviour) then it sounds more like when using one of the previous versions of devhook you have used the install files to flash1 setting as recommended for .50 and .51, but didnt uninstall them before updating to the latest devhook.
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