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    Hey Guys i think that we need an area so that we can post our locations, so that maybe we can connect with other Psp user in our area and start some multiplayer action going on . if you think that is a good idea would you contact me so that i might start this new section off with the first post so that i might add my name with the ranks of the the imortalized stickyed ones. we could organize game competetions for the areas with a multitude of psp users. or just make it easy for some of us to get some of that sweet multiplayer action that some of us are missing out of because of the lack of suck an area. thanks for any feed back or comments or questions.

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    well in your profile you have the option to specify your location. to be able to play multiplayer you pretty much would have to live nextdoor or organize live meetings since ad-hoc has a limited range

    otherwise you can always use infrastructure or xlink kai or similar applications and then the location doesnt really matter unless your internet is the suxxor
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    i'm not too sure but i think this is where this thread died.


    For the latest psp hacks you need to check

    For the infortunate ones that have firmware 2.1 or up the solution is here

    ALSO don't double post, i learned the hard way. Here's my example
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