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    I recently bought a 4GB memory stick for my psp and I transferred the data from my old 1GB memory to it. Everything transferred properly, but when I inserted the new memory stick in my psp and turned it on, the psp didn't work, it only showed me the green light when its turned on and the screen stayed blank. I thought it got bricked, but I inserted my old memory back in and the psp worked normally. I tried to format the new memory, but it didn't work, and I don't think its fake because I bought it from a decent shop and it came with a Sony warranty (any other indicators that it's original?). So anyways, can you guys please help me with that?
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    Define "decent shop".
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    Leave the memory stick out and turn it on. Insert ms and try to format it that way and see how it goes. If that dont work just take it back and get a different one. It doesnt sound like the psp it sounds like the ms. Where did you get it from? Good luck
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    Thanks for the help guys , the problem was that I was using a pandora's battery the whole time (worked fine with my old memory). So I removed the battery, plugged the psp with the charger and it worked. I guess I have to install time machine.
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