I purchased a Pandora Battery from PSPMOD.com and am having a bit of trouble getting in contact with some one about their return policy and what relevant information needed to confirm the defect.

I purchased the Battery 13 days ago and I received it in 5 days. Upon receiving it I tried to get the battery to put my Slim PSP system into service mode. After a few days I figured the problem may be the motherboard in my Slim so I sold my slim and purchased a fat so I now know that the problem is not the system itself.

The trouble is that my Pandora Battery doesn't appear to do anything at all. I can't even get it to charge. I've tried charge it by having my PSP running on the AC Adaptor and plugging it in. When i do this it does change the light on the front of the PSP from green to orange. But the battery meter suggests that it isn't charging at all. It just randomly appears showing that the battery is fully charged then dissapears randomly suggesting i have no battery at all. After leaving it for a while the battery doesn't respond at all and it definitely hasn't taken in any charge.

Another weird thing that happens (while the pandora is plugged in) is the PSP will randomly turn itself off and to turn it back on i have to actually unplug the AC Adaptor and put it back in. The charger itself is fine and my PSP runs flawlessly off the official battery. So by the process of elimination i'm thinking that either my Pandora Battery is faulty, or i'm doing something wrong. Now odds on i have done something wrong... and i'm hoping that is the case.

So i decided to try getting into service mode using the AC Adaptor as the power source. I'm sure that i have followed the steps correctly, but it doesn't appear to work. I have my modified Memory Stick plugged in. I've got the PSP hooked up to the AC Adaptor and then i insert the PSP Tool for absolutely no response at all. I have also tried it while holding the L key. That also has absolutely no effect at all.So i have tried both of these steps on top of switching the PSP on using the power button... It just boots up into the regular PSP OS. Being desperate i also tried those steps while the PSP was already switched on and running in the operating system. Not surprisingly that didn't work either.

After coming to the conclusion that the battery is the problem I sent an email using the PSPMOD Shop "contact us" link explaining my problem and asking for information concerning getting a replacement. 2 days later I sent a second email. It has been about 5 days since my first email and I have yet to get any form of response, not even an automated message saying my message has been received.

If anybody can help me out, maybe point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.