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  1. #1 Banned for this? 
    Look at this post:

    Why is this person banned for asking what chickhen does? The person didn't even ask for where games can be downloaded. Is it because the person told you his intention of what he is going to use for homebrew?
    This is so ironic as there are so many ads that tell you to come here and download games yet this person gets banned for mentioning his intention of homebrew. Also i've just seen a sig where the person gives a link to a site that offers games to download. Why isn't that person banned?

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    Does this allow me to play downloaded isos
    This is why.

    Edit: and now I see you are warforce. At any rate, this second account will be banned permanently. Your warforce account will be back in 24 hours. If you make another account I will permaban both of your accounts.
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