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  1. #1 PSPMOD Shop is a scam? 
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    To whom it may concern,

    After multiple emails from the stores feedback front page and me sending a PM from the forums to the admin account here I have come the the conclusion that the shop is a scam. I ordered a Pandora battery and 8Gb memory stick last month from this shop seeing as it appeared to have a good rep and boasted about quick delivery... all this hoopla about how they don't drop ship stuff.

    As of today I have still not received my order even though it shows it as being processed and shipped since the 24th of last month. Now I can understand if shipping gets messed up, out of stock, or their supplier is late on a delivery order. That is totally understandable if that is the case BUT it would be nice to send a email or respond to a pm saying that is the case instead of just ignoring them. Apparently from what I have read on these forums its only a one man job... more power to you. I'm in the same situation in the business that I run.

    Now if I treated my customers with the same amount of disrespect as I have gotten from this place I would of been out of business years ago. I would hate to go the charge back route but I am left with little patience after all this. So I will give it one more week and see If I get any response back from who ever runs the shop or by some miracle my order arrives here in tennessee.

    A copy of the pm and my order number is provided below.

    Private Message: Info on my order....
    Recipients: admin
    03-11-2010, 11:34 AM
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    To whom it may concern,

    I have sent multiple emails via the front page of the store and have yet to receive any type of response. I purchased a pandora battery and 8gb card last month and still have not received the items. Is there a tracking number or something you can do on your end to find where the items I purchased are at? A copy of the order is submitted below.

    Order #5514 (Order Processed and Sent)
    Order Date: Monday 22 February, 2010

    John R. Hill
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    The admin is notoriously hard to contact, since he also admins. other sites, plus he wouldn't normally read a new member's pm, nor i would think he would read one from me. Perhaps from a mod. or Killer the mod/coadmin. That may explain why you haven't seen any response.

    But you did the right thing now making a thread about it, this will kick up the dirt needed to get attention. give it 12 hours and there should be a significant response, at least from Killer if not from Admin.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    Firstly I'll state that I do not run the shop and have nothing to do with it's operations, I just help administor the website.

    However just a couple of things, firstly you say that you live in Tennessee, USA. The PSPMod store is based with the admin of the website, in the UK. That means any item will take at least 1 week to get to you, but it could be a lot more for various reasons. I've sent and recieved many items across the Atlantic (I also live in the UK) and they can be delayed significantly just to customs at either end, or they just get clogged up in the system. I waited close to three weeks to recieve something not too long ago, from Los Angeles, because it was stalled at the sorting office in the UK due to customs.

    Againt whilst I have no involvement in the store, I agree that it is poor you have recieved no communication regarding this problem, and will try to sort out a response for you.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Killer and The Sexy One,

    Thank for the reply and the offer to look into it. Like I said before I am ok with delays if that is the case in this situation. Only reason why I started looking into the matter is that I had other items purchased for my business that shipped from London and Singapore at about the same time as I placed my order here and those items have already arrived. Again thanks for looking into it.
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    i have replied to your PM and e-mail, Sorry for the slow response ive been away
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