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    Just a suggestion: Be careful what you put in the site description, my work blocks sites that refer to games, so keep it out of the search engine results and I'll still be able to rely on this site for all my psp needs while at work. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by reesepbc
    Just a suggestion: Be careful what you put in the site description, my work blocks sites that refer to games, so keep it out of the search engine results and I'll still be able to rely on this site for all my psp needs while at work. :P

    Can you give me an example please.
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    Here's what happens when I try to go to PSP World for example:

    Access to for user CABLE\rolson3232 has been denied for the following reason:
    The Websense category "Games" is filtered.

    In order to maximize the value of the Internet, protect our employees from objectionable content, and to comply with Human Resources and Legal policies, Comcast has enabled Internet filtering by category.

    The categories blocked are:

    - Adult Material
    - Gambling
    - Games
    - Illegal or Questionable
    - Proxy Avoidance
    - Racism and Hate
    - Tasteless
    - Violence

    Additional restrictions may have been implemented within your division.

    Since the purpose of this blocking is not to inhibit productivity, if the site you are trying to access is critical to your job function, please open a support center ticket and provide the URL of the site in question to be considered for exception.

    -My suspician is that the Hidden MetaTags in their site references Games. Engadget works fine. Hope this helps.
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    it's rather devoid of life. The game's two main towns are practically deserted, and there's not a lot to see and do out in the wilderness, though there's a decent number of side quests anyway. You can seek out bounties for wanted criminals, undertake some delivery missions, keep the peace by helping local sheriffs and marshals, and even compete in some Texas hold 'em tournaments. Accomplishing these types of tasks often nets you money or stat increases for Colton's abilities, making them worth your while.

    Learning to move Colton around is going to take some time. This is one of those games that must have forced the developers to improvise when trying to port a dual-joystick PlayStation 2 game onto a system with a different control scheme. By default, the PSP's analog stick makes Colton run around, while the four face buttons make him look and aim in different directions. Don't expect precise aiming with this setup, but since Gun provides a generous autoaim feature, you can get used to it. Alternatively, you may switch the scheme around to make the face buttons handle running in different directions while the analog stick controls your aim, which might feel much more natural to you. Other commands, for holstering and switching weapons and such, require pressing and holding directions on the D pad while pressing different face buttons--pretty complicated and not ideal, but after a while, it works. Unfortunately, riding around on horseback just doesn't feel the same in this version, due to the controls.

    Once you get comfortable with the basics, the missions in Gun Showdown can be quite fun. The shooting is as visceral as in other versions, so you can use pistols, rifles, and shotguns to target different parts of your enemies' bodies and watch what happens when you squeeze the trigger. You'll almost always be heavily outnumbered, but you can switch to a quick-draw mode that makes everyone move in slow motion as you move from target to target, taking everybody out. While the shooting action holds up, those who have played other versions of Gun may find a few odd changes in Gun Showdown, such as an early cannon-shooting sequence that's been cut for some reason and the absence of a scalping knife that could be used to brutally execute enemies for no good reason (Gun Showdown still has plenty of gore and profanity, easily earning its M rating). You might also run into some noticeable bugs; we got ourselves stuck in the gameworld on more than one occasion. Thankfully, you can save your progress at any time.

    If you'd like a change of pace from the story mode, you can always mess around with the quickplay modes. In addition to a basic version of Texas hold 'em, there are six quickplay games in all, though you'll only see the "quail hunt" minigame at first. Blast enough quail in five minutes, though, and you'll unlock the next game, which involves firing a cannon to blast apart suicidal goons running toward your fort. The other minigames similarly involve shooting waves of enemies in different contexts, a repetitive but reasonably fun way to kill a few minutes, if nothing else. These quickplay modes record your top score, and chances are you'll find one or two that will compel you to come back several times. The need to unlock each new mode might seem mildly annoying, but it helps create an incentive to give the different modes a good couple of tries.

    Gun Showdown also features three ad hoc multiplayer modes for up to six players. One of them is that same old Texas hold 'em game, but you might as well bust out a real deck of cards if you've got four friends itching to play. The main modes are a standard deathmatch and "golden cross," a keep-away game whose winner is the player who can stay alive for the longest amount of time while holding onto a special item. The deathmatch mode may optionally be played with computer-controlled bots, which is nice. You can't use the quick-draw mode in multiplayer for fairly obvious reasons, but the game's variety of weapons still makes for some decent skirmishes, especially when it comes to blowing up your buddies with sticks of dynamite or lighting them up with whiskey bombs. A variety of maps and characters from the story mode are selectable for use with the multiplayer portion of the game.

    Look forward to a good story mode and some worthwhile extras to keep you busy after that.

    Though some sacrifices were made in scaling Gun down to the PSP, this is still by all means a good-looking game, filled with some impressive-looking animations and the unmistakable sights and sounds of a Western. The PSP's widescreen display format is well suited to the game's panoramic views, and the audio in Gun Showdown is even better than the visuals, thanks especially to the excellent voice cast for the main characters of the story.

    Gun Showdown is an interesting PSP game because while the underlying game is mostly similar to one that's been out for about a year, there are enough differences and additions to make this version potentially worthwhile for fans of the original. Gun Showdown makes a clear effort to address a few of the original game's minor shortcomings, such as how Colton now has his very own horse he can summon to his side, rather than be forced to steal horses as though they were cars from Vice City. But it's not like this is the hands-down best version of Gun yet, even despite the addition of the fairly solid new quickplay and multiplayer modes. Overall, Gun Showdown is a good way to get a Wild West fix anytime, anyplace.

    By Greg Kasavin, GameSpot
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    im thinking about buying this game
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