Thread: May i ask a question about the navigator button on my PSP?

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  1. #1 May i ask a question about the navigator button on my PSP? 
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    I am using a TA-082 mainboard, with a installed firmware version of 3.03 OE-C PSP.

    I think my navigator buttons have problems (the up,down,left,right buttons)

    Whenever i am in a game (ISO game, in my memory stick) the selection of menu keeps going up. It is like someone is holding the up button, therefore, the selection keeps moving upwards (in the menus). I don't know why, when i press down, it can go down, but when i don't press anything, the menus selection keeps going up?

    When i jump to the HOME screen, everything's fine. The up, down, left, rite buttons work normally, it is not like someone is holding anything!! But when i am in a game, it happens.

    I don't know if this is the error of my ISO, or my firmware version, or my bloody PSP?

    Would anyone please help me bout this...

    Thanks so much
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    most likely the psp. go to the settings option in the XMB home screen... go to the last option, see if it goes up there as well
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    It happens to me too sometimes. What it is with me is when i'm racing or playin a game, it goes to the left. And I have to push the analog stick to the right. Maybe if you push the analog stick down, then that will help you.

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