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    I did look around for the answer to this question but I could find it.

    I just bought a used and "modded" psp. The guy gave me a bunch of games on Cd. When I bring the files over to the 1g card in it, it says CORRUPTED DATA. Did I mess up the card some how? Help, anyone, please?
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    go in recovery and click hide corrupted data.
    is it in game150 folder
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    My game folder is empty. Are you talking about on the momery stick or the unit it self?
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    What version is your firmware? Link to a guide on checking that. Depending on your firmware version, the location of files on your memory stick should be different. If its a psp with custom firmware (some version followed by oe), you need to turn off the psp and hold the right shoulder button while booting up the psp. This will put you in recovery mode and you can set an option to not show currupted icons.
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