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    I'm new w/ PSP but i'm not interested in its games as much.
    I'm looking to modify it to run a program that i can use to tune my ECU.
    I took a quick look at one that just landed to my hands as of 1 hour ago.
    I need to know if its possible to run windows based program, I only need one program to install. If its possible is there any one that can help me.
    The program is about 1-2 Mb big and works on Windows OS 98-XP.
    I head this kid at work that someone was able to put vista in PSP, I'm sure that
    The program i need to use doesn't work w/ Vista, I'm getting new laptop but it will be on VISTA BUSINESS OR HIGHER and can't use the laptop in this case.
    If i get any of those windows OS mentioned above the rest would be easy but seeing PSP has a strange OS/firmware.
    thnx in adv.
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    Everything about Win 95 is just a web portal....
    95 and below is too slow, and incompatible....
    Unless this has helped, what is your problem. Whatever you typed up there is just statements, no questions, no cues to let other's know what you need help on.

    Welcome to the forums.
    Rules, rules, rules. WinRAR
    The most important thread you'll ever read..

    "The mods look like the gestapo; 'do as we say, not as we do.'"
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    should sell the psp and get a gameboy advance. they have a add on part that allows u to tune a ECU with the gba. the psp has nothing like that
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    You could put Windows 98 on the PSP but it literally takes hours, many hours just to load it up to the desktop. Considering this don't even mention Vista even the most basic version of Vista, I doubt will work or even attempt to load at that. The requirements are way beyond the PSP's capabilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by julie
    should sell the psp and get a gameboy advance. they have a add on part that allows u to tune a ECU with the gba. the psp has nothing like that
    GBA is able to accept windows based program w/o the need of OS presence ??
    As far as turboxs GBA i know that product but thats not for my application/car.
    They did what I want to do w/ my Greddy to tune my ECU, they use different program which doesn't have the features of my program and PSP has buttons and cursor that i need to use the program.
    The question i have is that , is the possibility to install a windoes OS in PSP and how can i do that OR can i run the program other way, like hacking the system and...................

    So far i've tried to install this program straight to a new folder on Game subfolders section, the installation goes through but not all files end up there and the exe files just disappear and become icon's and when i try to open it up on PSP it comes as corrupted ??
    hacking this psp would make my work easier, my bro upgraded the firmware to
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