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    Im helping my friend by an LCD HDTV and is it worth getting a 1080p capable lcd, or just 1080i? and teh guy at teh store said PS3 only outputs 1080i although sony claims 1080p (my firend is getting it for his ps3), is that bullsh it? I think it is. help me out please. thanks.
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    This should answer your part of your question about the PS3:

    So 1080p is supported with the hardware (will need to buy an HDMI cable), just not any games (that I know of). Should be some blu-rays that're native 1080p, though. Should this scare him from buying a 1080p TV? If he's got the cash I don't think so - more 1080p content will be released in the coming months and he'll be able to view/play it when it does. If he wants to wait a few months and save a lot of money until there's a lot to view/play then scale back to a 1080i LCD. In most cases, unless you're a media enthusiast, the difference between 1080p and 1080i may not even be worth it anyways. My suggestion: seeing is 100% worth it when it comes to getting a TV. Find a store that shows 1080p vs 1080i comparison to see if it's worth it for your friend.
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    this is probably going to be one of those "nobody needs more than 640k" style quotes but......

    I really dont think 1080p is worth it yet. 1920x1080 is a friggin huge resolution (remember first using 1600x1200???) So unless your buying a massive TV, your not going to notice the detail from 6' away.

    Theres also very little 1080p content out there, other than gaming. Sure satellite providers offer 1080p but its useualy upconverted from a lesser resolution.
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    You probably won't easily notice the difference between 1080i and 1080p unless you are using a HD-DVD player, or Blu-ray player outputting 1080p video. If you have an HD video output is definitely worth it...but a regular dvd player....1080i is fine.
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    You can get a 32 inch 1080p tv's now i saw one a bestbuy but im only 13 and can't afford an $2000-$5000 tv
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    If he has a ps3, he should pick up the 1080p IMO. He would also need an HDMI cable. Some games already run at 1080p and newer games are more likely to run at 1080p. The only difference between 1080i and 1080p is that 1080p has twice the frame rate. They are both the same resolution, so a screen shot from each set would look the exact same, the 1080p just switches frames twice as fast so you get a smoother picture.
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    yeah, 1080p is worth it if he is a big a/v fan. otherwise, 1080i is good enough.i have an hddvd player hooked up to my 1080i tv, and it looks just as good when its hooked up to my 1080p tv. its really only noticeable on tvs over 60 inches.

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