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  1. #1 Who started to hack stuff anyway 
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    Just about every electronic device has been hacked or moded

    From free direct tv to playing old nes games on your ipod

    Who started all of this stuff anyway
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    Hacking has been around since the dawn of computers, way back in the 1950's. We wouldn't have digital devices like the ones we have today if it wasn't for all the great things hackers have done. Hackers shaped the modern computer, the internet, cellphones, PDA's, pretty much anything that runs software of some kind.

    Note that a dictionary definition hacker is not someone who breaks an encryption to gain entry to unauthorized data or someone who hacks the PSP's firmware. Those are hackers, yes, but a dictionary definition hacker is someone who hacks through lines of code to fix bugs and generally make a product better - what we generally call programmers today. Back in the 1960's a group of hackers at ARPA (which became DARPA) developed a network called ARPANet, which eventually became the internet as we know it today. Hackers also helped design the UNIX system in the early 1970's. UNIX is the base school of thought for every major operating system today.

    Basically, without hackers, we wouldn't have modern technology as it is now. Hackers these days are different by definition - these days it's buffer overruns and exploits and mods. Giving something more features than it was originally designed with. Which is cool for us PSP users

    So who did it first? Eh, I can't answer that. Nobody really did it first, they just did it and we have it.
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    I'd say maybe the guy who figured out how to change the font pads on a typewriter... lol
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    It was the first human. He figured out how to hack a stick into fire. Except the reason he made fire was because the twine for the axe he was trying to make was twined wrong. So it sparked and made fire. And since he was planning on hacking at a log, he called it a hack. They had already came up with mods when the modded a stick into a fishing pole. So thats how hacking was started.
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