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    PSPMod has been the best forum by far that I have found out there...

    Go ahead and yell at me if this is the wrong place to post or if finding the solutions to our own problems and sharing them is dumb, but since I couldn't find it anywhere else here it is:

    I bought a new PSP, went a little crazy and bought 14 games. I found PSPMod and am excited to say that I now have 3.4oea on a TA82. I travel a lot for work and was annoyed with the bulky UMDs and had successfully converted 12 of them to ISOs then CSOs using Dax Dumper and PSP Compressor (fantastically simple programs).

    While spending hours of converting I discovered that my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (used game) and Madden 07 (brand new) UMDs could not be read. They try to load for about 2 to 3 minutes then the PSP displays "The disc could not be read." I had played Madden 07 a few weeks earlier and both disks appeared flawless. Hours of searching forums lead to nothing.

    Further investigation: The noises the PSP was making lead me to believe the disk was not spinning up. Both appeared normal with looseness and freedom of movement. Upon closer examination I found the back side (with the square opening) clear plastic had slightly pushed in from the white outer plastic. Quick inspection of the other disk showed the clear plastic center disk had slightly pushed in at a place on the front side.

    I was able to pry and push both back to normal. Problem solved. I'm back in business.
    Just wanted to share this since I had spent 5 or 6 hours searching this forum and a few hours on a couple of others.

    This did bring a quick question though, and yes, I know the rules...
    If I own the UMD and it no longer works, is it legal to get that game in an ISO format from the internet or a friend?
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    Didnt read it all, but im guessing you dont have a UMD in the need a UMD in the drive

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    No problem with playing an ISO.
    Just a problem with some UMD's
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    If you legally own a UMD of a game or movie, you're allowed to make legal backups incase it breaks, and yes you can run it off your memory stick, completely legal if you own it.
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