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    So I still can't get my UMD's to play. I keep getting a "unable to read disc" message, even after numerous cleanings of the laser and disc. I was looking into buying a UMD drive with laser off eBay and wanted to know if:

    1. Has anyone ever purchased the drive off eBay
    2. If so, which are they all the same or which one should I look for if I have a TA-079 motherboard?
    3. Is there a link/sticky on how to install the new drive?

    I just want to play some NES games!
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    I really dont reccomend buying electronics off ebay if they are

    Located in a place NOT in the U.S.A
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    I have bought 3 lasers off ebay to repair psp's and they all work fine, they sell for around £15 inc shipping. The ones I bought come with instructions in pictures so you cant go wrong.
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    ^^^ thats around $30
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