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    I bought a DVD/ DVDR-W internal drive for my laptop to replace the DVD/ CD-RW drive. Thing is I'm only slightly good with computers and laptops are a mystery to me.

    I've already replace the ram and the hd and the drive was next. Thing is, I dunno HOW to remove the drive, I unscrew everything and assumed it must me screwed down from the inside. So I tried seperating the laptop and i was afraid i might fuck the thing up cause the thing wouldn't seperate.

    After awhile I was going through my things and was like, fuck this i'll try the geek squad at bestbuy. Paid the person cause i dunno much about computers and told me that the laptop does not seperate and that all i had to do was remove this one screw and pull the whole thing out.

    I told him i thought about doing that but it was really stuck in their and said i thought it was screw down from inside. He said it's just in really realy good and yank the entire thing out like a tooth. Then tried aimlessly jamming the new one in till it fit.

    I felt really retarded cause I spent 40 dollars for service that lasted 5 min and i could of done the same thing at home if someone told me all i had to do was uncrew this one thing and kept pulling at it till it comes out.

    "You replaced the ram and the hd and you can't get this drive out?" Damn I felt so stupid....

    I wish I know more about computers, they're expensive and i don't wanna mess around with them too much. I only do the easy stuff like updating the ram and HD and adding pci cards. I left the store and all i could think about was "40 dollars for that? Stupid Stupid Stupid..." lol.

    The store kept asking if i bought the drive from the laptop company. I said no and they kept saying the drive won't work. I didn't understand the question really.
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    Yeah, ya gotta love Slimtype optical drives. Every laptop manufacturer in the book uses a special bracket that goes AROUND the optical drive, and they also use a special connector at the back sometimes. They essentially do this to make the average consumer think that you have to buy a replacement drive from them or not at all. I love how easily the OEM's trick people into buying things exclusively from them.

    And yeah, they're also a bitch to switch out sometimes. Don't feel bad dude, it's not your fault. Laptops are purposefully designed so that normal people like you and me would have a very difficult time working on them.
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