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    I know im a noob at this stuff so any help at all would be good for me

    so i was messin around with EBOOT.PBP's in PBP Unpacker just to see if i could trick the software into thinking to was updating to 3.52 but was really going to 1.50 fw what i did was made a new EBOOT.PBP with the DATA.PSP and the DATA.PSAR from the 1.50 fw and the PARAM.SFO from the 3.52 fw well i saved the PBP and put it on my mem stick in the UPDATE folder in GAME and then went to the mem stick on my PSP from there i clicked on the update and i was surprised to see that it reset the psp but then the screen gos black for a few seconds and then i get the error the game could not be started (8002014B) I dont know what this means because i wasnt trying to start any games but i would like to know if this is close to a breakthrough or if im just a stupid noob thx
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    Even though the EBOOT booted up it will never start. You are just wasting your time.
    If you search you'll never have to ask questions again! GOOGLE

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