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    OK this is really strange. Every other time I boot up my system, the internet doesnt work at all. I tried mozilla, firefox, netscape and etc. Even limewire wont work. But on the toolbar on the bottom, it says the internet conection is excellent. SO when that happens I hold the power button (on the hard drive thing)(not on the lcd thing) and w8 for it to fully turn off and turen it back on. One reason I think this happens is because i changed the kerne32.dll somehow when trying to remove another virus. Any help please?

    So it works, not works, works, not works. Its really irritating. And when I start up the computer, it says there is an error in the something enter to continue and esc to disable this message. Im like what the duece?
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    windows networking is glitchey at best, you may never solve this problem, but the quickest solution is probably a format and reinstall.

    I had a few network glitches in my work computer and that's what it finally took after screwing around with it for like a day or so.
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    Yup backup important docs and do the windows recovery

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    Noooo not recovery!!! Anything but that! Format it, and just install the drivers. Recovery installs so much junk from IBM, Compaq, or Dell that you dont want, or need thats just running in the background eating your processes.
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