Thread: I need a good image editing program.

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  1. #1 I need a good image editing program. 
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    Okay, so I need something that'll actually let me resize a picture to a specific pixel size. Something that can take a say, 300x400 image and resize it to like 100x200. I can't do that with MS Paint, so I need directions to a good, FREE image editing program that can do this for me. Any help is appreciated.
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    i thought you could do it with paint.
    i thought this thread showed you how.

    there is a awesome open source image editor
    called the gimp
    google it, it's free and it a dam good program.
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    Dude, just use Irfanview:

    IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

    Easy to use and free, plus it'll do what you want and more. And if you need something more advanced (i.e. like Photoshop) use the GIMP, it's open source and easy to learn.
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    you can get GIMP from Applications | - Portable software for USB drives i use and its great!
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    Gimp is a perfect program to use if you can't afford adobe photoshop.
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