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    I can't believe this,

    My Harddrive failed on me. It's almost 2 yrs old and my hd failed. Everything I've had is gone. Pictures important work/personal documents. Everything. Even my portfolio.

    System restore won't fix it.

    I know some will think this is kinda dumb but I love writing, it's a passion of mine. I was trying to write a novel 30,000+words gone. Everything, I'm still devastated by this.

    The laptop restarted itself then poof everything was gone. Luckly I did have some backup. But I lost over 10,000 words in my novel. and my vacation photos this year is gone. half are on the other computer.

    It started with WinAVI DVD copy it started to eat my icons then poof everything was gone HD wise.

    I dunno why this happen. The entire hd looked empty?

    It takes time burning cds and the info is so outdated by a least 2 months. I'm buyingan external hd but...........

    I can't explain how fuck up this was. nothing took. This is really devastating at least i have some stuff but it's old. I can't get any of it back.......

    Please backup your personal information, I didn't think I'll need an external HD but..... thank god this didn't happen to the main computer. I'm getting an external hd and transfering pictures on to it.

    I just can't believe it's all gone.........

    I just got an e-mail from a literary agency. They want to read more of what I wrote from the sample pages I've sent to them. Why now?????????? I dunno what to do. I dunno how to respond. I lost the rest and I dunno how to restart writing the damn thing.
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