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    Hey guys I've been kicking around the idea of building a Home Theater PC. Has any one built on yet? I'm mainly going to use it to store my DVD collection. Eventually I'm going to get an HD project. I've been looking at some Micro ATX cases and HTPC cases. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

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    A very small case with a 200 gb min hd. You dont really need much speed, I used to run one. My old one was a 750 mhz processor with 1 gb of ram. Really all you need to be able to do is run divix, media player, or winamp your pref here. If you want 5.1 sound then soundblaster all the way.

    Smaller cases are better imo, they hide, and match better. Also bluetooth keyboard, and mouse so you dont have to get up all the time, just stick em under your coffee table, or intable.
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    The specs of the HTPC really depend on what you're going to do with it. Do you want to rip dvd backups to it? Do you need HD video output? I honestly would recommend something better than 750 mhz....preferable above the 2Ghz range...this is 2007 =P. One suggestion I have depends on how you want to configure your HTPC. If you're going to use Win XP MCE, I recommend setting it to run Media Center in fullscreen on startup...and get a case with a small LCD screen on it. this way, you can still have access to vital info while maintaining a Media center feel.
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