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    so, i have the black WD passport 160 gig external HDD. I have used it for about 2 weeks now flawlessly, and just now had a major upset. I went to copy a few files from the HD to my G3 laptop, and got a read write error. I treated it well, kept it safe, and it was never dropped. I always disconnect everything without telling the mac to remove it first, and have with this HD for the past 2 weeks. Is there any chance this was the cause?

    I tried reformatting, and it still had the same problem, and am zeroing it out right now in hopes it'll work then. If that fails to work does anyone have any suggestions?

    this is the second Western Digital I've had get screwed up after using it on a Macintosh.

    I don't see how it could be a physical problem...because i treated it so well, and i don't see how if it got corrupted, reformatting it wouldn't fix that problem...I've tried many different files and file types as well to make sure it was just the files i'd had on it previously. I last used it wednesday, and it worked fine, but it now doesn't work today.

    Hope i've given enough info, if u need more, feel free to ask.

    any help appreciated.
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    you really should disconnect it properly, i actually just lost 100 gig worth of stuff on a hard drive because i did the same thing. unplugging it without ejecting it scratches a little pad in the hard drive and f's it up. its gone, the data might be recoverable, but the hd is gone. seriously though, for future preference, eject stuff first.

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