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    my sister in law (again), brought two laptop made in japan (toshiba and hitachi), obviously, its japan language, the keyboard output is japan, so everything is japanese.

    question is, how can i convert it to english?
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    well... buy a english laptop next time. other than that, get some one to do a keyboard "flip"
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    It's simple, Regional and Language Options tasks on the Control Panel, change it to english. Or your going to have to buy a english win xp cd etc.
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    Reinstall Windows and have it with english.

    The keyboard would be kind of confusing but if you know where the english characters should be when you type it won't be so bad.
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    no intall a prograam called enlish converer google it
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    Every windows, assuming it's from this time period i.e., vista or at least xp, comes with language packs. It's pre-installed with Japanese, find out how to change it on an English PC, and just follow the same steps. For the keyboard, get it replaced at a geeksquad or something, shouldn't be too expensive.
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