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    My son got a PSP Slim (Daxter Edition) for Christmas. It is a stock PSP with no mods or hacks, he has System Software Version 3.90 installed on it, and a 1GB memory stick.

    A couple of days ago his little cousin dropped his PSP and ever since it's been acting up a little. The first problem he's having is when he's playing a game, if he presses the HOME button it asks if he wants to exit the game, well from that point he is not able to move over to say yes. The only way he can exit a game is by turning the system off.

    The other problem that I noticed he's having now is when you try to add a wireless network and you get to the part where you enter the WEP password, it won't go into the "keyboard" mode. It pops up on the screen for a split second then acts as if you're done with it and goes back all by itself.

    I restored the default setting hoping that would fix the problem but it still does the same thing. Even when I try to go in and change the nickname, it brings up the screen to change it for a split second and then goes back.

    Does anyone know if there's some type of "master reset", or has anyone else encountered this type of problem before?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...

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    i think its broken mate - i would say send it off to sony for repairs or something - cos its not meant to do that

    Sorry for the news
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