I got bored of the CoD4 super linear scene so I decided to brush off the dust of my older CoD2. I downloaded the game only to find out that a corrupt file had been installed during the installation process. I uninstalled the game using an uninstaller wizard but now... when I try to start up the CoD2 launcher and reinstall it. It just gives me the same options.

Single Player
Uninstallation (wtf)

The Uninstallation was supposed to turn into installation again but it doesn't. When I click on it it just gives me "Cannot find xxxx.log" or something. I went ahead and deleted the folder and tried again, still it didn't work. I then also deleted my complete CoD linked folders and that included my CoD4. And still, it just gives me those same options.

So now, I'm stuck without CoD4 or CoD2.

Anyone got some help?

P.S. I also have "Monopoly" on my computer that I installed loooong ago and it also gives me the same bullshit on the launcher. I would really love to get that off my computer >_> Any help at all would be highly appreciated.

P.P.S. Crap, I spelt unable wrong in the topic...