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    Hi, im a noob poster on here and have a big problem. I bought a PSP with CFW 3.90 m33-3 with a 4gb card and all was well until i ejected the card. When i put it back in and turn the power on the screen stays black and an orange light flashes constantly on the left. When i eject the card the flashing stops and if i restart without card the psp boots up fine. I've tested the card on pc and it appearsto be fine. I tried another sd card in the psp and it wont turn on again. Please help
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    connect your psp to your comp and look for any folder or files called time machine. if there is dont format your stick lol.

    well try this backup the memory stick to your computer and format it on your psp. settings\system setting\ format memory stick then put the files back on it and see if it runs normal.

    also take out your battery
    put it in
    hold r down
    turn on the power keep holding r

    when menu comes up goto
    on next screen look for autorun program at /psp/game/boot/eboot.pbp
    make sure at the end of it it says (currently disabled)

    just throwing out random crap not sure whats wrong with it since i dont have it in front of me lol i can always debug my psp probs usually.
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