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    Hey guys! I need some feedback. I'm planning to get a 50" plasma TV and I need some feedback. I did my research and am sticking to plasma and I'm looking at two TVs that are within my budget. Here they are:

    Insignia® - 50" 720p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV Model: NS-PDP50


    Sanyo 50" Plasma HDTV with Digital Tuner, DP50747

    As you can see, I'm trying to stay under $1,100 and these two are in my range. I already seen both in person but am having a hard time deciding. Anybody have these tvs or have experience with these brands. I had a Insignia and Sanyo tv in the past and both were great to me. That's where i'm having my trouble. I'm planning to get one later on today if possible. Any help and feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    I really hope you arent considering purchasing something retail...
    seriously man.. what a waste of some money.
    heres what you do:
    Check out circuit city or best buy. they often have deals where you get a certain amount off if you use geeksquad/firedog to set something up.
    last month it was $200 off a purchase of $1500.
    So you price match a tv at bestbuy to circuit city and save 11%.
    start looking at tvs around $1700.
    save 11% (often tvs are $100 difference between the two)
    that means you now have a $1500ish tv
    minus the $200 for singing up for geek sqaud (that you will cancel as soon as you get home because its an instant savings coupon, and not a rebate after they set you up)
    now that $1500 tv is $1300
    you also got an additional 10% off if you bought a ps3.
    return the ps3 subtract $360ish (because of course youre going to pricematch someone else)
    Heres a AAA coupon that gives you an additional 10% off, and since you havent used a coupon yet, it has to go through: redirect
    total is $1,020.60
    plus tax and youre pretty close to your target

    so its very possible to get $500 off a $1600 tv thats already on sale.

    and please dont check my math.. its 4 am and im tired
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