If you are a netflix customer and want to watch the "view now" movies via a PC output to your TV and are getting DRM errors. This is your fix.

Actually a choice of fixes:
1. You can use a laptop because it has a VGA screen attached.
2. You can connect a monitor to your PC.
3. You can try and build your opn dummy VGA terminator or buy one. Google it. But good luck buildng one, I couldn't find 15Ohm resistros needed at any store.
4. My solution - I already have one but you may need to buy one. Get a VGA component cable for a CRT monitor. It has BNC connections. Then you can easily find 15 Ohm BNC terminators (resistors) to plug in to the end of the cables. You may also need female to female bnc adapters since the ends of the cable and the terminators are both male (typically).

When plugged in to your computer, it fools Microsoft DRM in to thinking you have a monitor attached and does not filter netflix streaming movies.

Just an FYI sorry, no pics. I don't feel like digging through cables.

The issue is that netflix streaming only work through IE 7 or higher. Microsoft has DRM protection on streaming media. When you connect your PC to a TV eithout a VGA monitor of any kind attached, they assume you are copying protected media and block it. This isn't the case for a laptop because of the built in VGA. I built a media center PC just for the purpse of streaming movies to my TV and I could not do it. Netflix and MS basically said the fix is to connect a monitor. BS! I googled and found DIY kit instructions for building one but like I said, 15 Ohm resistors were impossible to find at the time, so I chose number 4 above that works like a charm.

Hope this helps...