Thread: Hi, i'm new and i got this PSP from China.

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  1. #1 Hi, i'm new and i got this PSP from China. 
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    well my cousin got me a PSP from overseas as a gift, and i had ghost in the shell for it cause i got it as a gift. i tried to play it but it kept saying that the reigonal* isnt correct. I dont know what to do.
    Another problem, It can't connect to the internet, it times out eerytime and second i attempt to try. =/

    hope you all reply to this soon, i appreciate it. Thank you.
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    what firmware is it on?
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    You said the PSP was from overseas?
    If you're trying to play a north american UMD on an Asian PSP, that won't work.
    Quote Originally Posted by rebal_23 View Post
    does anyone know of any games that dont need a custom firmware
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    search the forums for pandora battery
    flash a custom firmware
    fake the region for use with american umds
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