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    Hallo to all.
    I am looking for a good impermeable or underwater clock with voice
    recorder function, even like that one of the cellular phone, where you
    click a button and it register, but I can't find it.

    I need it becuase I've always got a lot of idea and things to note so I want something where I can register them and that
    I can bring everywhere: in the swimming pool, under the shower, while I am jogging ecc.

    You never know when the right idea arrives!!

    I bought something like that, the casio DBV 3000, but it wasn't
    impermeable .
    I bought a chinese one too, it says "water resistant", but when you go
    under the water a few humidity passes and the contacts are oxidized
    therefore it doesn't works anymore.
    Anyone knows a truly impermeable or water resistant model?
    Any suggestion or link?
    Thanks to anyone that can help me.

    You have never see gift idea like these! (idea regalo on italian scuola)
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    The only "water proof" watches I've ever gotten a hold of are diver's watches.
    Which are normally quartz not digital and wouldn't even have an option to record such things. However I know they make digital diver's watches but there aren't cheap by anyways.

    Now cellphone wise I have a Casio G'Zone for Verizon Wireless.
    It went through military tests for dust,water, and heat resistance.
    While it says not to submerge I have used it for diving exercises in the pool and it's never messed up or gotten moisture damage.

    The problem you'll have with these types of devices and water is the fact it won't be 100% waterproof if there are speakers and/or mics built in.

    It might be easier finding some sort of case that is durable enough for usage but still has functionality for the device of your choosing.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, good luck with your search.
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    Ok, thanks the same!
    Bye bye
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