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    I keep on getting corrupt data on my psp (v1.5) when I transfer downloads from my PC (mac osx). This is what happens. Firstly, I download to my desktop, then I plug in my USB. I hit the USB connection icon on my PSP, and when the (untitled) icon is opened, I drag my new downloaded file into the game folder. When the transfer to the PSP is complete, I undock the USB and when I try opening the file, I get corrupt data. Am I missing some software on my computer?
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    Well reggie... with a 1.5 every homebrew application that you load will have two folders and therefore two files under the game menu. One will always be corrupt (there are ways to hide them, use the search button on this site and you will find the answer). The other should be the application and run just fine on a version 1.5.

    Is there a second icon that works and one corrupt?
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    i usually delete corrupted that bad?
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    This takes care of those ugly icons.
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