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    I know a Sata raid needs to be setup prior to installing Vista. My Raid instructions are clear. At the time of my installation, I could not setup a raid because I only had 1 drive.

    So, what if I imaged my current vista drive with something like backup exec desktop recovery - restore anywhere option?

    I would of course enable the raid controller in the bios and install the drivers prior to imaging.

    Then I install all 4 drives, enable 0+1 raid, then restore the image?

    I want to raid my current system without having to reinstall/activate Vista and every application etc..

    What are my choices? Anyone know? Is there a way to possibly do this without imaging?

    Any help on the topic is greatly appreciated.

    System Info: Vista Ult. 64
    MB: MSI K9A2 Platinum with Promise Raid.
    Maxtor 500GB Hdd (one now, soon to be 4)

    Gaming Art & Design Student -
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    RAID Configuration

    "Otherwise you have two choices: image your current hard disk or perform a fresh install. Either way, you'll need the floppy drive and driver disk."

    You should be fine just making an .iSO of your vista, then install the raid setup.
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