I remember some of you are really good at find PC parts and i need help finding this item.

My laptop has a EIDE (or ATA, IDE, PATA) hd interface. Right now it's 5400rpm at 80gb.

Was hoping to get 7200rpm and 160gb+ (Depending on price)

Really I just want the laptop to run faster, I'm not sure how 7200rpm will affect it but I doubt HD size will do anything. (Unless I am wrong?)

It uses a 44pin connector, a Toshiba model. Newegg only carries 5400rpm and most stores that do carry 7200rpm for EIDE wants 200+ for the same or less GB.

The HD is removed by sliding it so their is some space (less than an inch) and I need a converter. Took me hours to find this:

2.5" SATA Hard Drive to IDE 44 Pin Adapter For Laptop Drives

New problem though, cooldrives has lots of bad reviews. Spent the last 20 mins trying to find positive reviews. I dunno, I rather buy this from some place else but where? Has anyone seen an item like this? I believe Asus made something similiar in the past for people wanting either EIDE or SATA.

If you find it on ebay, I'll even buy from there. It's really hard finding this adapter.