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    Does anyone have the program for the psp radio and how do you install it on to your psp
    Sorry, im new to this stuff thanks
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    Did you download it and look at the readme file? According to the read me you just:
    Quote Originally Posted by readme.txt
    Quick Installation Guide:
    -Copy the folders "PSPRadio" and "PSPRadio%" to your PSP under "\PSP\GAME\".
    I have never used it so i am not sure what else you need to do, but they official site is

    The instructions in the read me are for 1.5 users only.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

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    i cant wait until u can play streaming video or audio off the internet!! damn sony!!

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    i got this working fine...number one you need a EBOOT loader from a place like use the README to install that then download psp radio put all the files from the .zip(excluding the txt's) into /PSP/GAME... then you dissconnect from computer and you run the eboot loader (go to photos then eboot**do not click on wifi loader yet**)
    make sure your ebootloader starts up and psp radio starts up then exit out of both and then go over to photo again scroll all the way to the bottom and click on wifi background and then view it(like you would a picture)press triangle when box pops up then click on "set as wallpaper" exit out of everything and hold power switch up for 10seconds till it switches OFF not SLEEP then turn it on go to the settings menu then goto network settings click infrastructure mode then press triangle go to test when test gets over and brings you to a screen that shows your signal strength and all that stuff press and hold L trigger + R trigger and SELECT all at same time screen will blink twice and load into eboot select psp radio and boom there you go your listening to radio stations
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